Tips From A Frenchie
A night in South Pigalle (SoPi)

Pigalle (9ème arrondissement) was known for the sex shops, the hookers bars and crippy vibes butthese days, a little down from Pigalle métro stop there is another vibe going on and its pretty cool.

in a 200m perimeter you basically have 6 awesome places for one amazing night.

You start your night at LE CARMEN (34 Rue Duperré) with some nice and expensive cocktails, hot swedish girls and trendy french guys to start your night on the right track. There is no sign so you have to know that its there and dress cool (im sure you know what i mean by that) if you want to get in.


You continue chilling between LE SANS SOUCI, LE LAUTREC, LE MANSART for cheaper drinks, more crowded and simple (but still cool people)


You finish by killing it on the dancefloor at CHEZ MOUNE ( 54 Rue Pigalle) just in front of LAUTREC and SANS SOUCI, Rue Pigalle) and/or BUS PALLADIUM ( 6 Rue Fontaine) around 1.

Chez Moune (free entrance, small place who gets packed but has a charm to it)


Bus Palladium has lot of difference sides on the week end. You have a usually good band from 9 to 11 (6 euros) and then you have DJ’s in both the big room after the band or the salon upstairs (pictures) when you can also just chill and have a drink (20 euros with 2 real drinks to get in after midnight, pretty good deal).

So you can do band + club or just chill in SOPI first and en up until 5 in the morning at Bus Palladium or Chez moune.



MAMA SHELTER: great place for dinner and/or drinks

Lets start off strong with my tips with a place for dinner and cocktails here in la ville lumière.

I know you guys are trying to save money and stuff but you also never know when you’re going to come back so please try this place and let me know what you think about it. Its very design, awesome music, awesome atmosphere, trendy people all over. Perfect way to start your friday or saturday night with some cocktails or a nice dinner.

We only live once


If you like indie music check out the concerts at LA FLECHE d’OR that day, you might be surprised. its just in front of it.


Tips From a Frenchie: N…… in Paris

This page is a fairly humble TUMBLR page of a parisian who loves Paris so much that he’s sick about touristy locations, bars in Odéon, le refuges des fondus (Don’t go to that fucking trap for tourist)

So i wanted to share the knowledge i have, the place i’ve seen that i think you would have some fun to go and enjoy the real Paris and meet real parisians, maybe try that french kiss everyone is talking about hahah (why not ??!!).

I thought about what Paris i wanted to show you and i decided it was going to be a mix of exclusive, trendy, cool, simple, traditional Paris, kinda everything but you’ll see that all those places are pretty unique and will bring you an amazing experience

                         Le Carmen in South Pigalle: Amazing location and cocktails

I’m also going to put some french music (usually in english tho) and movies for you to get always more things to check out.

Just get out there and have some fun !!!

And like this dude was saying: BE HUNGRY (for new things and experience), BE FOOLISH…

Hope you’ll like what you’re going to see

Ps: i know you’re not N….. but i wanted to put because Jay-Z ansd Kanye wish they were in Paris right now.